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Probably the only reason that this is and not is because got claimed by some domain reselling company when it expired after a year of registration. I had already bought, so I figured it would be appropriate to purchase the .com to replace cthugz with.

Why "megalixer" of all names? Because I'm a fan of Square role playing games, namely those of the Final Fantasy series, but Chrono Trigger especially. I believe it was in Final Fantasy VII that I got the specific spelling from. A "megalixer" of FF lore is a potion that heals all HP and MP of all members of your party. Other spellings i've seen are "megaelixer" and "megalixir", but while your're here "megalixer" is the proper spelling. (^_^)

(And yes, i do realize that it's actually supposed to be "megalixir"... but it's too late now for that, ISN'T IT?! Other than the fact that i've assumed it to be the the proper spelling for almost a year now, it's my illiterately-conceived website. There. I've said it.)

This website's content isn't designated by any group of members or anything. I, Gaspar, am (usually) the sole moderator/editor/news poster/site designer/whatever, so I control whatever is up here. This site is here to be whatever I want it to be, basically. No real purpose. Kind of an experimental space where I can publish my work and my feelings. If I get organized enough the general purpose should change accordingly.