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jun.15,2k6 :: enough

No more emo crap. I've had my share of ups and downs but I'm going to find a better way to vent my frustrations than sounding like a sniveling moron in my own personal place. Old entries are just that, old.

So, I'm moving to Austin, TX in a few weeks. Got myself a new car. Got myself a new phone. Things aren't lookin too bad, I just have to be able to manage all of my new responsibilities and debts effectively. I'm feeling really good about this move. MegaPath (was Netifice) is moving me there since they're closing down this office in Norcross, GA. I've spoken several times with my new co-workers and it just feels like I'm getting into the office culture that I sought for when I started IT. We'll see how things turn out.

I have yet to implement any new systems into Actually, my previous hosting fell through, so now and are under one roof! I want to setup a CMS/blog that will let me make better use of my new cameraphone, so I can do one of those photoblogs or something. I think that'd be pretty spiffy.

One of these days I'll do it.... one of these days.

apr.14,2k6 :: still alive

.. because I know a few of you were wondering ;)